When Did Trade Signs Become So Popular?By Matthew Stratten


Trade signage has been around in a primitive form since around 3000BC – those carvings on stone walls? They were there to promote skills, amongst other messages. The trade signs we recognise today, however, began to be popular in the 1900s, peaking in popularity in the mid-70s, when most countries had business owners with a bit of spare cash to spend on their branding and advertising, and they’ve been a staple for brands ever since.

Initially we saw banners, billboards and murals rise in popularity – and then companies started experimenting with shape, size and technology. Materials have also been developed extensively over the years, and we’re lucky enough to have access to the best quality, most innovative and creative signage materials on the market. Electric and neon signs were introduced onto the signage market in the early 1900s, and have been a popular signage option ever since. They’re one of our best selling products, and look particularly effective when used as an interior sign option.

Nowadays signage isn’t just for the big brands and retailers – even the smallest businesses can afford to add a trade sign to their budget spend for advertising and promotional marketing. With loads of options – from street and pavement signs (like A boards) to outdoor banners, lightbox displays to pop-up displays, there’s so much choice available to suit any price bracket, that every brand can afford to make the most of their retail space and spend their marketing budget wisely.

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