Trade Signs and Trade MarksBy Matthew Stratten

brand trademark

Designing your company’s branding and trade signage can take a while to finalise. Time, consideration, development, brainstorming, tweaks, amends – it’s a process that can’t be rushed, and is a satisfying project once it’s completed. But what to do when your finished branding gets copied?

Trade marking your branding protects any sign or symbol that sets you apart from the competition. Whether it’s your company’s name, numerals, letters, slogan, designs, shape or logo. Protect as extensively as you wish to make sure that your branding is solely yours. As long as the branding is exclusively and entirely designed by or for your company, you can apply for the trade mark. Registered branding gives you the option of protecting your trade design for up to 25 years, in five stages of five years. Once each set of five years expires, you have within six months to re-register your trade mark to avoid the design being up for grabs. 2D designs can be registered for 10-15 years and give you exclusive rights to the design with the option of giving entitlement to the licence – meaning you can release your branding to franchised businesses linked to your company.

Trade marking isn’t a requirement – however unregistered branding leaves you open to copycats. Although you will still be able to stand your ground if your branding comes under attack, it’s much simpler to stamp out trade mark infringement. Get in touch with us today to begin the design process of your company’s trade signage, and once complete we can support you in trade marking your branding.

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