Protective Film

IVC Signs manufacture protective films that can be used for all types of glass safety, and can be installed to solve a number of health and safety related issues. When annealed glass breaks, it produces razor sharp shards that pose a severe threat to personal safety. Any person responsible for a building’s safety should ensure that glazing in an area that has been assessed as a ‘major risk area’, is safe and secure.

Protective film designed for the automotive industry is ideal for use wherever surfaces are subject to the corrosive effects that follow abrasion and scratches. This protective film acts like a second skin, safeguarding sensitive areas from damage and wear-and-tear that’s often caused by rubbing, stone impact and other mechanical stresses. Protective films can be discreetly applied to offer long-term protection for high impact areas like tailgates, leading edges or flared wheel arches, helping to maintain the high level finish it is designed to have. IVC protective film seals also weld seams and panel edges, preventing galvanic corrosion.

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