Queue Management

Queue management systems not only allow you to organise a queuing system within your retail store, restaurant or museum, they can also simply and discreetly section off ‘out-of-bounds’ products or areas in your showroom or exhibition space. They are especially effective when you are dealing with a high volume of traffic, allowing you to easily manage the high footfall.

IVC Signs offer the option of two stylish queue management systems, the Standard Kit and the Stackable Kit. Both options come complete with four-way connectivity and a retractable tape system, ensuring that this separating system is flexible and versatile. An effective queue management system increases efficiency during busy periods, and provides a simple solution to the dangers of displaying valuable or delicate items in-store.

All parts of our queue management systems can be easily dismantled, and our unique stackable option allows units to be stored on top of each other when not in use, saving you and your company vital space in your equipment storage room or stockroom.

To find out more about our queue management solutions, or to discuss your own queue management requirements, get in touch today.