A restaurant sign with a difference!By Matthew Stratten

A lot of the signage that we design and install is as you would expect – fascia and hoarding signs, company branding, restaurant signs etc. – but every so often we get asked to design and install fittings that call for something a little more inventive.

We met with a new client earlier in the year who wanted us to create a design for their retail branding and shop front signs. We discussed the history of the company to get an idea of their background, what message they wanted to convey through their store, and any initial ideas and expectations that they had. Following the meeting we got to work designing and drafting a concept for the client, based on the information we had gathered in our initial meeting. The brief we were given? To design something that looked like an old rice shack. It was certainly a first for us, but we do like a challenge at IVC Signs! The client wanted us to reference the authentic street food essence that was the inspiration behind the brand and their menu, whilst giving it a contemporary finish.

We put our thinking caps on and got to work on designing something that would reflect the client’s concept of an original rice shack, combining this idea with modern technology to construct and install a sign that inspired and encapsulated the company’s branding and values.

The hoarding signs themselves were constructed using old scaffold boards, giving them an authentic, weathered appearance. We combined this material with modern technology to give the lettering in the signs a contemporary finish. We supplied and installed the hoarding signs before building works began on the shop, so that they blended seamlessly with the final store.

rice shack signage

Do you have an unusual brand or a concept for a sign or fitting that you’re just not sure how to turn into a reality? Get in touch today and we can discuss your ideas in more detail!

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