Wallpaper Mural in a Matter of MinutesBy Matthew Stratten

wallpaper murals

In our last blog post we told you how much we like being set a challenge – whether it’s through unusual design, material or installation requirements. One of our most memorable challenges really pushed our fantastic team to the limits, producing great results. We were asked by a client to fit out an entire restaurant with our wallpaper murals in just five days. We got straight on with the task in hand, knowing that we didn’t have a minute to spare. There were only two of us working on this job, so we knew we had to crack on.

What made the challenge even more thrilling? Not only did we meet the client’s tight turnaround time – we beat it! We fitted 500sq metres of our wallpaper murals in just three days. The client was over the moon with the quality of the fitting, and the hi-resolution wallpaper prints made a real impact in their restaurant.

Our state of the art printing systems enable us to respond to a client’s brief straight away, and produce quality prints at 540 dpi with a laminated surface which protects it from spills, as well as everyday wear and tear. If the worst does happen, the wallpaper print can be cleaned easily and thoroughly, making it ideal for cafés and restaurants, as well as a number of other industries. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper, vinyl gloss or matt graphic murals, or you have another design concept in mind, we can help. We’ve installed in a whole range of spaces, from small scale wallpaper mural images to triple height walls, all over the UK & Europe.

If you’re not sure you can meet a deadline, or you find that a deadline is creeping up on you – get in touch today, and set us a challenge! It certainly makes life more interesting.

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